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Bachelors of Applied Science

Industrial Design

University of Cincinnati School of Design Art Architecture & Planning (DAAP)  -  Graduated 2016

While in the University of Cincinnati's DAAP co-op program I continually switched between school semesters and 4 month paid internships where I performed all responsibilities of a full-time designer, resulting in 2 years of professional experience by the time I graduated. This professional experience taught me aspects of the design process that simply cannot be taught in the classroom.

Professional Experience

Briggs and Riley Logo_web.png

Briggs & Riley

New York NY  -   Aug 2018 - Current  -  High-end Luggage, Bags & Travelware

Industrial Designer

Lead designer on 3 in-line collections of both rolling luggage and soft bags. They hired me primarily to modernize the brand’s aesthetic and appeal to a new consumer. Two of the collections involved a more casual feel with minimalistic design elements. The last collection was an modernization to their flagship collection to appeal to a younger consumer. Throughout these projects we created the foundation of a brand aesthetic that can be carried into future product.


  • Design manager on several projects that were outsourced to interns and freelancers

  • Increased company market share by creating intellectual property that on three separate occasions elevates the functionality of rolling luggage items

  • Increased company market share by creating a brand design language that appeals to an additional consumer group and can be carried along to future product

Industrial Designer


Baltimore MD  -   Nov 2016 - Mar. 2018  -  Athletic Equipment

Lead designer on 5 in-line projects; 4 lacrosse padding lines that included shorter/smaller than normal deadlines and price points, 1 lacrosse head involving advanced knowledge of CAD surface modeling and injection molding. Several designers left when I joined, so I quickly covered a workload that was meant for multiple people, and assumed responsibilities of a veteran designer.

  • Increased company profit margins on an already low price point product by creating intellectual property that increases efficiency of the manufacturing process of a lacrosse head

  • Increased company market share by creating intellectual property that surpasses a competitor’s IP, which had hindered STX sales for year’s prior.

  • Opened the door for 2 additional IP’s (different from those listed above) that resulted from prototypes I made, showed to legal, and discussed with project managers to use in future products.

Futuring Design Ltd.

Industrial Design Intern

Pune India  -  August - December 2015  -  Design Systems Research 

Integral member of a 4-person research team that conducted extensive 1st hand research of all stakeholders in the Indian culinary marketplace across the country. Identified several areas of opportunity and formulated comprehensive design problems to solve.

  • Provided unique solutions to the design problems identified using my “foreigner’s point of view.”

  • Improved company revenue by presenting my findings and concepts to the upper management of a leading company in the Indian market, Goodrej. Goodrej is currently working with Futuring Design to develop products.


 Boulder CO  -  January - June 2014   -  Backpacks & Camera Gear

Industrial Design Intern

Lead designer on 2 product lines, 1 backpack line and 1 camera accessories line. Worked with engineering, development, and marketing to progress the product lines to the first round of sampling.

  • Expanded company's market share by creating a product sample that expanded Thule’s product scope into a genre of outdoor recreation that was completely new to the company. Thule is currently pursing development of the product concept.


Los Angeles CA  -  May - August 2014  -  Modular Child Safety Devices

Industrial Design Intern

Lead designer on 2 in-line projects, 1 child safety gate and 1 modular newborn bathing system. Worked with engineering and development to progress the product lines to first round sampling

  • Resolved a gap in the company's product line by developing an advanced concept that is being pursed by Munchkin

Industrial Design Intern


Cincinnati OH  -  August - December 2013  -   Luxury Home Decor

Lead designer on 1 in-line project creating luxury fireplace accessories. Explored a diverse array of materials and the effects they can have one a rooms ambiance when interacting with a fireplace.

Fred Sparks Design

St. Louis MO  -  January - June 2013  -   Sporting Goods

Industrial Design Intern

Lead designer a one prospective project for a client and aided the design team on multiple other projects when needed. Researched the day to day work of an HVAC worker, identified an area of opportunity, and developed design solutions to solve day to day problems of an HVAC worker.

  • Improved company’s revenue by presenting my research and design concepts to a client who is working with Fred Sparks to create products.

Metaphase Design Group

St. Louis MO  -  August 2010 - August 2011  -   Trends Research

Industrial Design Intern

Worked at Metaphase while I was a senior in high school and was involved in the front end of the design process studying aesthetic trends of cell phones, and various consumer tech, from their origin to current day smartphones.

  • Kick-started multiple design projects by compiling research observations into a hypothesis of future aesthetic trends

Qualifying Skills

3D Modeling

SolidWorks (advanced surface & solid modeling) - 4 years education - 3 years professional experience

Auto Desk Alias - 4 years education - 6 months professional experience


Hand Sketching - 5 years education - 3.5 years professional experience 

Illustrator - 5 years education - 3.5 years professional experience

Photoshop - 5 years education - 3.5 years professional experience

InDesign - 5 years education - 3.5 years professional experience

Sketchbook Pro - 2 years education  - 3.5 years professional experience


Photoview 360 - 4 years education - 6 months professional experience

Keyshot - 2 years education  - 1 year professional experience


Soft Goods - 3 years education - 1.5 years professional experience

Molded Plastics/Hard Goods - 3 years education - 1.5 years professional experience

Powermill - 4 years education

Woodworking - 12 years education - 3 months professional experience



I have my name on a patent on a piece of athletic equipment (pending approval) , with another currently being pursed

IDSA National Convention

My semester project was presented at the 2013 IDSA National Convention to represent the University of Cincinnati DAAP as an example of student work.

University of Cincinnati Dean's List

Given to select students that consistently demonstrate exceptional academics and representation of the University in the professional world.

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